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Start training like some of the best

Improving the way athletes train

Gain a deeper understanding of each athlete

TritonWear collects & tracks 12+ metrics for each outfitted athlete simultaneously, displaying the results in real-time on connected screens.
This coupled with long term tracking gives coaches and athletes the ability to identify hidden problems and correct weaknesses over time, based on clear visual trends.

Increase athlete awareness, through accountability and education

Relating their efforts in the water to their performance during races is easily accomplished in clear understandable graphs, driving athletes to hold themselves accountable at practice.
Reviewing results on their own time, bringing feedback to coaches provides an opportunity to build deeper relationships, while educating athletes on the mechanics of their performance. 

Reduce athlete burnout

A deeper understanding of their performance enables athletes to celebrate small wins between PBs, while projecting results at practice increases competitive banter.
This helps athletes avoid losing sight of end goals, and burning out, making recruiting about growth rather than managing turnover due to stagnation or falling out of love with the sport. 

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Trusted by hundreds of coaches globally.

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